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Saturday contemporary services are being held the last Saturday of every month at 5:30.  We are looking for people who would be willing to run the powerpoint during the service.  If you'd like to help, please contact the church office or Pastor Paul.  Hope to see you there.



1 - David King; Samuel Quam; Zoey Rogers

5 - Brianna Hopp

8 - Susan Rogers

9 - William Ward, Sr.

10 - Todd Sladky

11 - Howard Burgus; Brett Kuster

13 - Dalton McClurg

14 - Emily Bloomer

16 - Colten Boyer; Donna Edgington; Janice Peterson

20 - Bonnie Darrah

26 - Elisabeth Chelf; Jordan Roy; Michelle Schoof

27 - Jessica Sherrill

28 - Jacob Roy; Joshua Roy

30 - Sharon Martindale

31 - Shirley Henson


18 - Scott & Jan Creighton

27 - David & Patricia Milton

29 - Mark & Sarah Loots; David & Jessica Tharp


The lessons for this Sunday can be found on the Lectionary and Devotional Tab.


One of the things I treasure about the Lutheran church is that we have a calendar that has different seasons through the year.  From April 21 to June 9 we will be in the season of Easter.  In the secular world Easter is observed for just a day.  In the church Easter is celebrated for fifty continuous days.  We also celebrate the resurrection of Christ every Sunday.

Coming to faith in God is very important.  Sometimes our faith is able to grasp things quickly.  In other cases it takes time.  The main thing is to come to faith in Jesus Christ and to know His Resurrected Love is alive and well in our lives.  Here at Bethany we strive to help every one grow deeper in their faith in Christ.  We will have times of doubt.  But what a joyful feeling to know that God is active in our lives!

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